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Выходит с 18.11.2004

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В этом выпуске:

1. Читаем об услугах в гостинице (часть 2)

2. Книги в помощь изучающим язык

3. How to take more actions - 9  powerful tips 


Metropolitan Hotel


Check In

Check In



2 часа дня

Check Out

Check Out



12 часов дня

Reception Hours Reception Hours 24 hours Заселение/работа портье 24 часа/круглосуточно
Bars Bars 1 Бары 1
Bar Hours Bar Hours 10.00am-3am Работа баров 10.00 утра - 3.00 ночи
Restaurants Restaurants 1 Рестораны 1
Restaurant Hours Restaurant Hours Lunch and Dinner Работа ресторанов Обед и ужин
Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast charged as extra Завтрак Завтрак оплачивается отдельно
Room Service Hours Rm Service Hours 24 hours Обслуживание номеров 24 часа/круглосуточно
Air Conditioning Air Conditioning Yes Наличие кондиционера Да
Tube Nearest Tube Hyde Park Corner Ближайшая станция метро Hyde Park Corner
Tube Time Distance to Tube 2 mins. Расстояние до метро 2 минуты
Train Station Train Station Victoria Железнодорожная станция Victoria
Nearest Carpark Nearest Carpark On Site Ближайшая парковка На месте
Internet Internet Complimentary wifi in all guest rooms and public areas Интернет Дополнительное подключение  wifi во всех номерах и общественных зонах
Cancel Policy 24 hours prior to arrival date. Аннулирование брони За 24 часа до даты размещения

Met Space Meeting


The Metropolitan's reputation as a London hotspot has placed it among the top addresses for private and business events, from cocktail parties to private lunches, press days, TV screenings, fashion shows and interviews. Event spaces all combine the formality of a meeting room with cool, contemporary art and the hotel's light-filled style. Each venue can be custom prepared for your specific function, from technical equipment to catering possibilities.


hotsрot - популярное место

venue - место проведения 

catering possibilities - организация питания

high-octane schedule - плотный рабочий график

counteract - противодействовать

wellbeing - благополучие

indulge in - увлекаться чем-л., получить удовольствие от


gourmand - гурман

deliciously fresh - вкусный и свежий


become a byword for - стать притчей во языцех/олицетворением чего-л.

clad - одетый, задрапированный

bespoke - заказанный, оговоренный заранее






Metropolitan Hotel Gym


The Metropolitan understands its guests are on high-octane schedules. To counteract the pressure, they have opened a COMO Shambhala Urban Escape at the hotel, dedicated to your continued wellbeing. In addition to a gym, there are two treatment rooms where you can indulge in Asian-inspired, holistic therapies originally developed at their sister resort, COMO Shambhala Retreat at Parrot Cay.



Critically acclaimed Michelin starred 'Nobu', is more than a scene-stealing restaurant; it is an essential experience for any serious gourmand. Breakfast at the Metropolitan is taken in The White Room, a calm space in which to begin the day with a deliciously fresh menu. The Metropolitan's 24-hour room service includes Nobu specialities as well as late-night comfort options, like burgers and club sandwiches.
Met Bar


When it first opened in 1997, the Met Bar became a byword for cool, answering a sophisticated need for privacy and energy, in a space reserved for hotel guests and members only. Interiors are clad in decadent red leathers, waiters in custom-made Armani. Bar staff - called 'mixologists' at the Met - create bespoke Martinis while headline DJs spin London's lounge sounds. From the early evening until 10.45pm, enjoy a Nobu box. Later into the night, until 2.30am, graze on fresh crab and papaya tian with coriander oil or aromatic duck pancakes with Hoi Sin sauce, all featured on the Met Bar Snack menu.

Книги в помощь

В изучении английского языка помогут учебные пособия:

Как правильно составить деловой документ на английском языке

Английский язык в таблицах

1000 самых распространенных английских слов


How to Take More Action: 9 Powerful Tips

“It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.”
Leonardo Da Vinci

To get things done you need to take action. Things seldom happen on their own.

But taking action can be difficult and hard. And so it’s easy to wind up in Lazyville or Procrastinationland a lot. How can you break out of such behaviour and develop a behaviour of taking more action?

Here are 9 tips that you’ll hopefully find useful.

1. Reconnect with the present moment.

This will help you snap out of over thinking and just go and do whatever you want to get done. This is probably the best tip I have found so far for taking more action since it puts you in a state where you feel little emotional resistance to the work you’ll do. And it puts you in state where the right actions often just seem to flow out of you in a focused but relaxed way and without much effort. One of the simplest ways to connect with the present moment is just to keep your focus on you breathing for a minute or two.

2. Be accountable to others.

If you tell a bunch of people that you are going to do something then it will be hard to not do it. You don’t want to disappoint them. Or have to face up to them the next time you meet. If you have a hard time getting going with something get some support. If you for instance workout, do it with a friend to motivate each other to take action - and actually go to the gym - when motivation runs low. Motivating each other and bringing enthusiasm when one of you is feeling low can really help to develop consistency and useful habits. Think about how you can involve others to help all of you to take more action. This tip works well. But it can put you in situation where you take action to avoid pain, to avoid judgement. And it can help you create pressure within yourself. Such a state may not always be the best one to be in to take action and perform well. One way to lessen such problems is to use this tip and then when you are about to take action you reconnect with the present moment to quiet negativity within yourself.

3. Be accountable to yourself.

In the long run a more consistent and perhaps healthier way to develop a habit of taking more action is to answer to yourself instead of others. To set your own standards and principles for how you will behave. The problem with this one is that you are likely to cheat on yourself and rationalize how you don’t need to take action or follow your principles. When the social pressure of having to answer to others isn’t there it’s easy to slip and fall into laziness or procrastination. But over time you can become more and more consistent with acting according to your own standards. I believe that one of the keys to develop this kind of thinking is to get off a dependence on external validation and be more internally validated. If you can develop accountability to your own standards then it can be more consistent than the one you get from relying on being accountable to others. It comes from within so it doesn’t have to rely on other, outer circumstances that may fluctuate. It is also very useful to help you feel good about yourself and to help you grow. If you rely on being accountable to others and their validation then you may grow but also feel confined by what others expect from you. If you are accountable to yourself then you set your limits wherever you want them...


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