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Отчет совещания на английском языке

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Протокол совещания на английском языке.Деловая переписка на английском языке Отчёт и протокол совещания на английском языке

Report and minutes in English


Структура отчёта или протокола совещания (minutes) повторяет повестку дня. Главное отличие отчёта заключается в том, что в нём содержатся, помимо краткого изложения хода обсуждения,  сведения о принятых решениях, ответственных за их выполнение и сроки.


Образец - Отчёт совещания



6th meeting

London, 16 June 2001

(9.30 a.m.)

Room 2




Opening of the meeting by the Chair

The meeting was opened by the Head of the PR Department (PRD), who outlined the key areas of the campaign.


Adoption of the agenda

The agenda was adopted without any change.




Discussion of the main themes of the campaign

The representatives were in favor of an approach that highlighted a European dimension to the continent’s diversity. As for the campaign’s message, the representatives agreed that the principle of shared responsibility should be included.






Exchange of views on the contribution of the IT LOGO NETWORK (ITLW) to the campaign

The Head of the PRD noted the important role played by the ITLW in developing the business action. He called for co-ordination between the branches to ensure that the campaign was successful.

The branches wished to be closely involved in organizing the campaign and approved of using the existing structures. The various networks already in operation whose work had proved to be useful and of high quality, were called upon to put forward projects for inclusion in the program of events and transnational projects.



Date and place of the next meeting

It was agreed that the next meeting would be held in September 2001 in London.



Other business

The projects proposals submitted to the Secretariat would be presented at the next meeting.



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