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Выпуск 51 - Leasing

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В этом выпуске:

Тема: Leasing

Практика: Mind Map, Vocabulary, Exercises

Видео: Leasing & Buying Your Next Vehicle



Leasing is a process by which a firm can obtain the use of a certain fixed assets for which it must pay a series of contractual, periodic, tax deductible payments.


The lessee is the receiver of the services or the assets under the lease contract and the lessor is the owner of the assets. The relationship between the tenant and the landlord is called a tenancy, and can be for a fixed or an indefinite period of time (called the term of the lease). The consideration for the lease is called rent. A gross lease is when the tenant pays a flat rental amount and the landlord pays for all property charges regularly incurred by the ownership from lawnmowers and washing machines to handbags and jewelry. Under normal circumstances, a freehold owner of property is at liberty to do what they want with their property, including destroy it or hand over possession of the property to a tenant. However, if the owner has surrendered possession to another (the tenant) then any interference with the quiet enjoyment of the property by the tenant in lawful possession is unlawful.

Similar principles apply to real property as well as to personal property. Similar principles apply to sub-leasing, that is the leasing by a tenant in possession to a sub-tenant.


The term of the lease may be fixed, periodic or of indefinite duration. If it is for a 'tenancy for years', the term ends automatically when the period expires, and no notice needs to be given, in the absence of legal requirements. The term's duration may be conditional, in which case it lasts until some specified event occurs, such as the death of a specified individual. A periodic tenancy is one which is renewed automatically, usually on a monthly or weekly basis. A tenancy at will lasts only as long as the parties wish it to, and may be terminated without penalty by either party.


Rent is a requirement of leases in common law jurisdiction, but not in civil law jurisdiction. There is no requirement for the rent to be a commercial amount.


Personal property. An owner can allow another the use of a vehicle (such as a car, a truck or an airliner) or a computer either for a fixed period of time or at will. This can be a simple leasing transaction, or it can be a transaction intended to allow the user the right to buy the item at some future time. In a simple lease (rental) of a car, the lessee pays the lessor a rental for the use of the car during the agreed period which may be a few days (e.g. for a holiday trip) or longer where it is more economic to pay for use rather than pay for the ownership of an asset of depreciating value. Normally, only the lessee will be allowed to use the vehicle and, in such a case, the lessee has possession and control. But, the lessor could be an employer who allows a third person the use of the car to visit clients. In addition, more and more unconventional items are becoming available for lease, such as handbags and luxury watches.


Private property. Rental, tenancy, and lease agreements are formal and informal contracts between an identified landlord and tenant giving rights to both parties, e.g. the tenant's right to occupy the accommodation for an agreed term and the landlord’s right to receive an agreed rent. When a formal tenancy is created, the law usually implies obligations for the lessor, e.g. that the property meets certain minimum standards of habitability.


Commercial property. Commercial real property leases fall into one of just a few categories: Office, Retail, Warehouse, Ground, "Mixed Use". Each has certain typical characteristics, although Ground leases may differ somewhat, taking on some characteristics of Retail leasing when associated with a retail project, like a shopping center; and although Mixed Use projects can vary greatly depending upon the various inclusions and the size of the overall project, among other things. It is widely appreciated by those who specialize in commercial leasing, including the business side and the legal side, that, other than hybrids such as Mixed Use project leasing, Retail leasing can have the most complexity.


Leasing-mind map


Термин слова/font>рь

Leasing лизинг, долгосрочная аренда

Lessee – арендатор, съемщик

Lessor – арендодатель, сдающий в аренду

Tenant – наниматель, съемщик

Landlord – домовладелец

Tenancy – владение на правах аренды

Term – срок, период

Lease – аренда, договор об аренде

Consideration – компенсация

Conditional - условный

At will - по завещанию

Rent – рента

Rental – сумма арендной платы

Gross lease – суммарная аренда 

Freehold owner – безусловный, полный владелец недвижимости

Surrender possession – отказываться от собственности

Real property – недвижимость

Personal property – личная собственность

Commercial property – коммерческая собственность

Retail – розничная продажа

Warehouse – складское помещение


Ex.1. Replace the question marks by the appropriate words.


Ex.2. Solve the pynagram, compose at least 10 words. Key is in the end of the issue.



Видео: Leasing&Buying Your Next Vehicle




Ex.2. - Key



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